Turkey Tips

Turkey Tips

Thought this may come handy, Thanksgiving is next week!!!!!!!!!

You can burn the biscuits, leave lumps in the mashed potatoes or dry out the stuffing, but you absolutely have to serve a good bird.

Not sure what kind of turkey to buy? We break down the most popular turkey types to help you find the right bird for you.

_ Fresh: Turkeys marked “fresh” have been stored at 26 degrees or above. They need no thawing and are ready to cook. Pick them up only one or two days before cooking to ensure food safety.

_ Frozen: Frozen turkeys are stored at 0 degrees or below. You can buy them weeks in advance, but they need several days of thawing in the refrigerator before cooking. The general guideline is one day of thawing for every 4 pounds.

_ Natural: These turkeys have not been injected with artificial moistening or flavoring agents. As a result, they may be drier and blander than other turkeys.

_ Basted/self-basting: These turkeys have been injected with moistening or flavoring agents. The label will usually list the ingredients that were injected into the turkey.

_ Free-range: When alive, these turkeys were allowed to roam outside their coop.

_ Organic: This label ensures that the turkeys are free of antibiotics and, when alive, were fed grain that did not contain chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

_ Kosher: These turkeys have been brined in water and salt and processed in accordance with kosher law.

A lot of shopping, a little preparation, and you’ll be ready to take on that turkey.

Here’s what you need to cook a juicy, tasty turkey:
_ Roasting pan large enough for your bird
_ Adjustable, nonstick roasting rack
_ Instant-read turkey thermometer
_ Oven thermometer
_ Oven mitts
_ Transparent bulb baster (a large spoon works in a pinch)
_ Fat separator
_ Kitchen twine
_ Carving set
_ Large cutting board or platter

Q: When should I buy my turkey?
A: Order your bird about two weeks before Thanksgiving to ensure that the store doesn’t run out. However, if you are purchasing a fresh turkey, you’ll want to pick it up one or two days before cooking it, to ensure food safety.

Q: How big a turkey should I get?
A: The general rule of thumb is 1 pound per person. But since Thanksgiving is all about the leftovers, we suggest about 1 ½ pounds of turkey per person.

Q: What do I do with all that leftover turkey?
A: Make the best sandwiches you’ll have all year. Plus, turkey is great in soups, salads and chili.

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