Okay, who can say, I had one of those.

“Mr Watson–Come here–I want to see you” were the first words spoken into a telephone (the electric speech machine). These words were spoken by Alexander Graham Bell, in 1876, to his assistant Thomas A. Watson. In celebration of these words, April 25 of each year is National Telephone Day.

In 1877, The Bell Telephone Company was created, and by 1886 there were more than 150,000 people in the United States that owned telephones. The telephone invention emerged as one of the most successful products ever.

It was on January 1915 that Bell made the first ceremonial transcontinental telephone call. The call was made from the AT&T office in New York City to Thomas Watson in San Francisco.

Times have changed, today people are familiar with the modern technology in telephones such as the Droid, iPhone and Blackberry’s. It is a different world carrying a phone is your pocket, with internet capability, voice activation, built-in camera, games, calendar, alarm clock, calculator, music and etc. compared to the telephone that was hard-wired to the wall or sat on a desk, with a cord and a rotary dial. What would Alexander Graham Bell think today?

Call someone and tell them…..Happy National Telephone Day!


Before going into real estate in 2001, I worked in the medical field. Found it very rewarding helping others and decided to make a switch and help those, who want to achieve the "American Dream". As a homeowner, I know the importance of home ownership and nothing gives me more pleasure than to place those keys into the hands of a new homeowner. I look forward to helping you, with all your real estate needs.

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