My kids loved that I would let them eat Oatmeal cookies for breakfast (of course, with chocolate chips).

National Oatmeal Cookie Day is celebrated each year on April 30. This day is also sometimes recognized on March 18 in conjunction with National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day.

** Oatmeal cookies are an excellent source of iron and fiber **

There are many different recipes for the oatmeal cookie. They can be made with a variety of oats, such as old-fashioned oats, quick cooking oats, oat bran or oat flour. For a healthier cookie, there is the option to add fruits (such as raisins), nuts and sugar substitute. Chocolate chips and other candies are also a popular “add in” to oatmeal cookie recipes.


Before going into real estate in 2001, I worked in the medical field. Found it very rewarding helping others and decided to make a switch and help those, who want to achieve the "American Dream". As a homeowner, I know the importance of home ownership and nothing gives me more pleasure than to place those keys into the hands of a new homeowner. I look forward to helping you, with all your real estate needs.

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